Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why WAHA?

FamilyVision is committed to "Building Families, Training Leaders." Christian education is a key part of our mission. We began WAHA in 2002 to help families homeschool through middle school and high school. WAHA provides middle and high school students a Christian education for 1/4 of the cost of a Christian school, and parents enroll only in the classes they need. WAHA provides many of the benefits of Christian school, without being locked into a five day a week schedule 38 weeks per year. WAHA Jr. provides newer homeschoolers support, friendship, and something to look forward to each week. We are one of the largest groups in both the Columbus area, and in Ohio.

2. Is WAHA a Christian homeschool group?

Yes. Our support group meetings are open to both Christians and families that are uncertain about their relationship with Christ. However, the WAHA classes are only open to children who are Christian, or who display good character and come from Christian families. All students must abide by our Student Code of Conduct and Dress Code.

3. Are WAHA classes Christian?

Yes. All our classes are taught based on a biblical Christian worldview. Education is not merely facts and skills. Education is the acquisition of meaning and truth. We believe only God-centered biblically based Christian education provides meaning and truth. Our goal is to help parents educate and train godly young men and women, rather than settling for "skilled barbarians." Our teachers, texts, and environment reflect this commitment.

4. Are all WAHA teachers Christians?

Yes. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and adherence to the essentials of the Christian faith, is a requirement for teaching at WAHA.

5. Do you have a Statement of Faith?

Yes, and we ask all families to sign our statement of faith, indicating they understand we will be teaching from this perspective, when relevant. Click here for our statement of faith.

6. Do you have a Dress Code?

Yes. The Dress Code applies as written to students 12 and older. It applies generally to WAHA Jr. students, but we understand that all WAHA Jr. students take Gym. For WAHA Jr. students we are most concerned that they don't look sloppy. We also have a Student Code of Conduct which applies to all students. For the Dress Code, click here. For code of conduct, click here. We ask parents and students to sign the codes.

7. Will there be extra-curricular activities?

Yes. We are looking for an extra-curricular activities director now (from within our member families). We hope to offer many opportunities this year.

8. Do I have to live in the Westerville or Worthington area to participate?

No. We have families participate who live over an hour away from our "home" area.

9. WAHA is a FamilyVision School. What does it cost to join FamilyVision / WAHA?

FamilyVision membership is $49/family, per year, regardless of the number of children in your family. All checks for membership, tuition, and fees should be made payable to "FamilyVision" and mailed to: FamilyVision, PO Box 263, Westerville, Ohio, 43086.

10. What is the registration fee for classes?

There is no longer a class registration fee for WAHA classes. Just the annual FamilyVision membership.

11. Why are there membership fees?

FamilyVision incurs significant costs, both in time and money, for website administration, facility fees, liability insurance, and the administration of teachers, curriculum, registration, etc. Registration fees for private schools typically range from $125-$285 per family annually (or more). All membership fees and tuition and fees are non-refundable, except as noted below.

12. When do registration fees and class fees need to be paid?

The deadline for payment for all membership fees and class tuition and fees is August 26th, 2011. However, we recommend you pay all fees when you register for classes, to avoid being closed out of classes. Please note: your space is not guaranteed in WAHA Jr. or any other class until all tuition and fees are paid. If you have a situation that prevents you from paying fees in a timely way please let us know. We will try to work with you.

13. When can I register for classes?

Online registration is open now. Some WAHA classes are likely to be added between now and July 4, 2011. WAHA Jr. classes will remain the same. You may also register by regular mail, although online registration is much easier for us. All checks for membership, registration, and class fees should be made payable to "FamilyVision" and mailed to: FamilyVision, PO Box 263, Westerville, Ohio, 43086.

14. Where are classes held?

All classes for all ages are held at Westerville Christian Church, 471 E. College Avenue (a suburb of Columbus). FamilyVision is an independent ministry not affiliated with Westerville Christian.

15. When are classes held?

All WAHA and WAHA Jr classes are held on Tuesdays, between 9:00AM and 12 Noon. See class schedule for individual class times.

16. When do classes begin? When do they end each semester?

Fall semester runs 12 consecutive weeks from Tuesday, September 13, 2011 to Tuesday, November 29, 2011. Spring semester runs from Tuesday, January 10, 2012 through Tuesday, March 27, 2012. We do not hold classes in December, nor in April, May, June, July, or August.

17. How will I know when a class is full?

Once a class is full, we will notify subsequent registrants that they are being placed on a waiting list for that class. When possible, if a class is significantly over-subscribed, we will try to offer an additional class. We do not post a class as "full" on the website, since it prevents us from knowing if there are enough additional students to offer a second class (people don't register for a "full" class).

18. What if I change my mind after paying for WAHA Jr. or an individual class?

WAHA Jr. tuition and fees are non-refundable unless you move more than 45 minutes away from Westerville. If that happens, your money is refunded except for the $49 FamilyVision membership fee. If you withdraw from an individual class and the class fills to capacity despite your withdrawal, there is only a $25 charge per student per class. The rest of your payment is refunded. If you drop an individual class at any time after registration and the class does not fill to capacity, there is no refund. Occasionally, someone registers for a class that is too difficult, or completely different than what they expected. If that happens, please speak to us no later than 24 hours after the second class meeting, and we will try to work something out.

19. Are sibling discounts offered? What if we have a financial challenge?

Sibling discounts are offered indirectly, since all membership fees and registration fees are per family, rather than per student. Although we don't have a "financial aid" program, please speak to us if you have a specific need. We will help if we can.

20. How do I know which classes are appropriate for my child's age and ability level?

Most class descriptions will clearly indicate what level each class is geared toward, and whether or not there are prerequisites. Most non-academic classes are suitable for 12 years old and older. Please note that WAHA classes are grouped by ability, not by age. This means older students may take classes that families would normally associate with a younger age group, and that younger students may take classes normally associated with older students. Although we try to provide guidance, we let parents decide which classes are appropriate.

21. Are there any classes available for children younger than 12?

Yes! We have a program for 5 - 11 year olds - WAHA Jr! If the child's ability and maturity allow, they may also participate in some of the "regular" WAHA classes, at the parent's discretion. However, parents should understand that older children will also be in these classes, and that instruction will not be "slowed down" to accommodate younger children. For this reason, non-academic classes are generally easier for pre-12 students to attend.

22. How much material will each class cover?

Academic classes aim for a full year of academic instruction per WAHA year. This means students will be expected to do significant work at home each week, perhaps including some work between semesters and after the second semester. As a general rule, parents should plan to have continued input, either instructional or supervisory, in academic classes. This section does not apply to WAHA Jr.

23. What if there is insufficient enrollment in a class I select?

in the event of low enrollment, we will offer parents the option of paying a somewhat higher class fee in return for a smaller class size, rather than cancelling the class.

Westerville is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

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