Coordinator Positions

If you are interested in one of these positions, email Marilyn Lankford. Thank you for your willingness to serve!

Field Trip Coordinator
We have lots of great ideas for field trips (art museums, symphonies, many more), and we bet you do, too! The Lankford family can't perform this ministry, but we would love to have two or three moms to coordinate this. Your responsibility is to find the opportunity, work out the details, and answer questions from our member families. We will send out the emails with the information you provide. We would love to provide at least one opportunity per month.

Monitor Coordinator
Although we have online registration for Study Hall monitors and WAHA Jr. helpers, we still need someone to send email reminders or phone calls to monitors who have signed up (moms sometimes forget!) You may also have to make a few calls in case we have gaps. Since every family agrees in advance to fill at least one volunteer slot, this usually isn't too difficult.

Winter Showcase Coordinators
Two or more moms to plan our early December Showcase/Christmas Party. This is really fun, especially if you like throwing parties!

Spring Showcase Coordinators
Two or more moms to plan the end of the year Showcase celebration.

Year Book Club Coordinator
Student or parent to develop a WAHA yearbook. May recruit students in the photography and various English classes to help.

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