Arts Class Descriptions

Theater - "Now That's Funny!" Gary Lankford

"Make 'em Laugh!" Last semester, we performed scenes from Pride and Prejudice, My Fair Lady, Little Women, and Our Town. This year, we're focusing on comedy! This will not only be a lot of fun, students will learn about comedic acting. What makes something funny? How do you get the big guffaw? God's word says, "A happy heart does good like medicine." Come take your medicine, Billy!

Perfect for both the "class clown," and the child who needs encouragement to "come out of their shell" just a little. Public performance at the WAHA Christmas Showcase and the end of the year Spring Showcase. Special dress rehearsal at the end of each semester prior to the performance.
Limit 16 students per class.

Drawing & Painting Sarah

Drawing: This class focuses on various drawing exercises which would help children learn to "see" better when translating images onto paper. We will use various drawing mediums - everything from graphite, conte, charcoal, watercolor, & colored pencils - to teach things like perspective, still life, & figure drawing. Fun! Painting: Students will take their drawing knowledge one step further by exploring the elements of value, color, and perspective through the wet media of paint, specifically acrylic and watercolors.

Group Guitar Adam

Group guitar is designed for students of varying levels of ability, but focusing on beginning guitarists. If attendance is large enough, we will split into two classes, beginner and intermediate. This is a great way to receive inexpensive professional instruction.

Martial Arts / Self Defense Chris

Based upon principles of Judo, Jiu-jitsu and boxing your child will learn basic striking techniques, kicking techniques and basic throws. Intended to give your child a fighting chance, I will take your child from basic self-awareness through to basic strikes and throws and more. This down to earth, practical class will give your students the self-confidence they need in today's world. Limit 16 students per class.

Group Voice Melanie (not offered in 2009-2010)

Students will have the chance to develop their voice through the study of proper technique for singing. Proper posture, breathing, tone, resonance, and diction will be explored through singing, critiquing fellow students, as well as reading and listening to lectures. Each student will keep a notebook on voice study and perform in class. Open to students 10 and older. If enrollment allows, we will divide into two classes, based on age. Limit 10 students per class.

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